On July 09 the Furniture and Wood Technology Center (CETEM) in conjunction with the Blockchain Associations of Murcia and Lorca will conduct a Webinar on decentralized technology in the wood sector.

Organized by the Integra Foundation, the event will explore in depth the Blockchain technology with emphasis on the furniture sector, presenting solutions, analysis and studies to the very important wood market in Spain that can be positioned as the first within this technology.

The content includes an introduction and scope of the blockchain in the furniture sector, as well as the execution of smart contracts for raw material suppliers, internal quality processes in manufacturing and the execution of smart contracts in selling to third parties and final export.

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Eloy Jiménez Vidal will be the main speaker, who has a Master’s degree in Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0, specializing in Blockchain, Automatic Process Robotization, Business Intelligence, IoT and Smart Cities.

Vidal also works as CIO in Blockchain Factory and is a Telecommunications and Building Engineer.

The webinar is free and can be accessed through the link provided by CETEM, which in turn will have its first Ordinary General Assembly telematically before the event.

The objective of CETEM with this type of initiative is to introduce the companies associated with the Blockchain technology so that in the medium term they can be at the forefront of the new challenges of trade and relations with both users and companies.

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A sector at the forefront
The CETEM of the region of Murcia is a private non-profit association based in one of the most important regions of Spain in the furniture sector.

The association is a national reference for its high innovative capacity and achievements in the last 20 years, which not only offer support to its members, but also implement services and projects in the Bitcoin Trader technological field in the sector to promote and encourage the development and continuous improvement of companies producing furniture, wood and related.

It is worth mentioning that CETEM is part of the register of Innovation and Technology Centres (CIT) and within its vision it is framed as a sustainable technology centre, beyond being a meeting point for the furniture sector in Spain.

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Among the services they provide are 3D printing, material testing, quality management, lean manufacturing, virtual animation and software for innovation, development and research, among others.

The furniture sector in Spain has a high economic weight in the European country. According to the dossier of the National Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters of Spain (Anieme), Spanish furniture exports in 2019 reflected a growth of 4.7% compared to 2018, exceeding the figure of 2,318 million euros.

The report also points out that the main destinations of Spanish furniture exports are France, Portugal, Germany and the United States, with a cumulative 53 percent of total exports.

Due to the relevant figures of the sector, it is not surprising that the intention to modernize their business schemes with the Blockchain technology to ensure greater transparency and traceability to their processes throughout the production chain.

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