A mysterious crypto wallet has purchased 28.061971 DOGE several times. This number is probably linked to the date of birth of Elon Musk In the meantime, Musk has joined the „Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins“ club. A cryptocurrency wallet containing over $ 2 billion has been spotted buying Dogecoin (DOGE) in a rather unusual [ Read On… ]

Le prix du Bitcoin a doublé depuis sa réduction de moitié en mai, Chainalysis attribuant une grande partie de la hausse des prix à l’appétit insatiable des investisseurs institutionnels. Le prix de la CTB a plus que doublé depuis la réduction de moitié du troisième bloc de Bitcoin en mai. Pour être précis, la CTB [ Read On… ]

Die Daten zeigen, dass das Spotvolumen von Bitcoin im Jahr 2020 mit zunehmendem Interesse der Institutionen und des Einzelhandels seinen Höhepunkt erreichte. Bitcoin (BTC) hat bisher einen großartigen November erlebt, und viele Analysten glauben, dass die Zukunft für die höchstrangigen Kryptomorphen weiterhin rosig ist. Der Preis, der derzeit 16.000 US-Dollar kostet, ist seit Anfang des [ Read On… ]

Banks often invest customer money in industries that have little to do with sustainability. The Hamburg company Tomorrow wants to achieve the opposite. Tomorrow could now score with an extremely successful STO. On October 20th, Tomorrow carried out the most successful Security Token Offering (STO) in the German-speaking area to date After just five hours, [ Read On… ]

For the 13th iteration of its quarterly burn, the Binance platform destroyed 2,253,888 BNB, or the equivalent of $ 68 million. This is the largest BNB burn on record in terms of fiat value. Every quarter since its inception, a colossal amount of BNB has been burned by Binance The interest of a burn (or [ Read On… ]